Even though Halloween is in our holiday rearview mirror, there is still plenty of talk about what fashion statements were made in the celebrity world this year. But, what about celebrities, namely singers, that embody that witchy Halloween vibe all year round? Well, they’re out there…and they give us the zest of witchy fashion because it’s who they are. Here are a few of the witchiest women to grace the stages:

Stevie Nicks- The white witch herself has never shied away from her interest in mysticism. When one thinks of Stevie, it’s hard not to imagine long, full and flown locks and some sort of boho-chic top. If her all around style doesn’t scream ‘witchy,’ her lyrics sure do.

Erykah Badu- Another songstress who has her own compelling style and fashion sense. Whether it’s her spooky yet stunning makeup, or her wacky hairdos, Erykah is always turning heads. This songstress seams to combine beauty, power and sensuality with her witchy-ness.

Björk- Now, this is a woman that never shies away from pageantry and costumes. From her elegant, mascuerade-style face masks or her edgy clothing choices, this witchy woman is fierce on stage.