It’s not often you hear the words “heart” and “technology” uttered in the same sentence. But when it comes to clay modeler Yuka Takanashi, anything is possible. The new Mazda CX 5 is the luxury vehicle at a competitive price that you may be searching for, and if Takanashi’s inspiring words don’t make you want to invest in Mazda, we don’t know what will.

Mazda’s recent ad campaign is centered around the idea that driving matters, and we agree. We spend a lot of time driving around throughout our busy schedules, so we may as well enjoy the ride right? From its sleek design, to its impressive 31 mpg, to its bevy of color options, the new Mazda CX 5 is the epitome of enjoying the ride.

Since most would agree driving matters, it’s only fitting that we add some passion and heart into the conversation. Just like Takanashi says, as he is carving out a model Mazda CX 5 by hand, human touch creates a form that appeals to your heart.