Long navel length necklaces are all the rage right now. Ladies are rocking them in layers, or just one at a time. One of the things we love about the long necklace is that it draws the eye up and down your body, especially great when on a date.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to this accessory; you could opt for animal pendants, letter charms or just about anything under the sun. These types of necklaces add a lot of texture to your look; almost the way a scarf does in the winter time. Plus, these types of necklaces will look great with just about anything you’re got.

Must Have Long Necklaces

Extra-Long Pearls

An extra-long strand of pearls is such a versatile accessory to have. They look great when layered together with a classic and sophisticated black dress. Long pearls will even add a polished touch to a simple black t-shirt and jeans.

Unique Pendent

Find a navel length necklace that really screams you. Perhaps with your initials or favorite animal, this is a great way to add a hint of personality to your ensemble.

Layer-able Chains

A few chain necklaces of different lengths would be a great addition to any rocker chic look. Plus the layering will add a fresh by subtle texture to your look.

Neon Beads

A neon beaded naval length necklace is fun, fresh, colorful and youthful. You could pair it with a classic white t-shirt, a little black dress or even a men’s button down t-shirt.