Rings and jewelry can add interest and variety to any outfit, but jewelry also has trends and fashions to follow. Are you looking for the next big accessory fashion trend? Here’s a preview of what’s coming for 2012.

 1. Green and eco

This is one of the strongest trends these days. Jewelry designers are using more and more recycled or eco materials to fashion original pieces. Think milk cartons, newspaper, old clothing, waste yarn… anything that can be recycled and reused. And this is a trend that any budding designer can work herself: just find yourself some materials from your recycling bin and make something cool with it. You’ll save a ton of money and a bit of the earth!

2. Lots and lots of rings

Whether it’s one enormous ring that’s half as big as your hand, or four or five rings on the same finger, rings are everywhere this season. Wear statement pieces (with understated clothing), or mix and match different styles and materials. There’s nothing too strange for this trend; just let your imagination rule your choices!

3. Big bracelets

If you’re more of the surfer type, get a fancy ornamented leather cuff for each hand. They’re all the rage these days and even better with metals or stones. But carvings are cool too. If you’re more of the classic type, opt for a metal cuff or bracelets in 50s and 60s style. Again, there are no limits to how bold or big your bracelet is.

4. Disco

Yep, the 70s are back and so are the jewels from Charlie’s Angels and Saturday Night Fever. Think soft circles, staggered necklaces and big statement earrings. It’s okay to dig in your mother’s old jewelry stash for inspiration, too! There’s a good chance you’ll find a great vintage piece that will have all your friends ask where you got it. Elephant pants optional!

5. Natural materials

In line with green and, eco, there’s also a natural materials trend, especially with seashells. Colored or natural, in big necklaces or small earrings, seashells are everywhere this season. They bring a dash of summertime innocence and bohemian feel to any outfit. Pair them with maxi dresses, bold colors and chunky sandals.

6. Chokers

Chokers can be of any style or material, as long as they are close to your neck. They emphasize shoulders lines and so look best with strapless styles or deep V-necks or round necks. Just show some skin and your choker will always look great. Make a bold statement with a big seashell or go traditional with a nice velvet piece. Gothic style is especially popular!

7. Pearls

The classic, traditional pearl row is back with a vengeance. You can still go uber-classic with a simple white pearl one-row necklace, or you can get funky with pearls mixed in with metals and semi-precious stones. There’s hardly anything that doesn’t fit with a nice pearl row!

Flowers and leaves also come as motifs in all these styles. As long as it’s big and bold, you can’t really go wrong with jewelry this season!


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