Beauty is often portrayed as a quality that is possessed on the outside, when really, beauty radiates from within. But, of course it always helps to look and feel your best. Perhaps true beauty is a balance of both. That’s why we look to Refinery29 for all the beauty and makeup tips, because we always get the perfect balance of inner and outer beauty. This video round-up sure doesn’t let us down, as we get a taste of Amy Schumer dishing on her new movie “I Feel Pretty”, which is a great confidence boost for anyone. We also get some laughs by watching some ladies let their fathers do their hair for them. The whole thing is tied together with Refinery29’s very own Mi-Anne, who goes through her entire nighttime regimen, beauty routine included. Are you ready?

Amy Schumer is known for her playful, albeit self-deprecating at times, comedic style. It’s her very own and we love her for it. In her new movie, “I Feel Pretty”, Schumer plays a struggling with the feelings of low self-esteem that many of us women, and men, face on a daily basis. Not only is her character relatable, her take on her role is funny and heartwarming.

Most would agree, Amy Schumer is pretty funny. But, dads doing their daughters’ hair may take the cake on this one. A few ladies let their dads do their hair and the results will have you splitting at the side. It’s also fun to hear feedback from the fathers and daughters. If it doesn’t make you miss your father, we don’t know what will.

The round-up clearly brings the laughs, but it also brings some great beauty insight. Though Mi-Anne is funny in her own right, she also breaks down her nightly routine. It’s easy to follow and is definitely a must for anyone looking to up their skin game before summer!