The 70’s are making a huge comeback this year and we have designers like Prada and Louis Vuitton to thank, for using this retro inspiration in their collections this year. Geometric shapes are at the root on the 70’s style, while patterned overcoats and long sleeveless silhouettes appear as accents to enhance the vibe.  This year 70’s revival is all about show casing the boldness and defiant independence riddled throughout the era. Think Studio 54, super high platforms, floppy felt hats and exotic accessories. You can opt for a demure understated hint of 70’s style or let the look take charge and rock an entirely 70’s charged outfit.

For a 70’s by day look, we recommend high waist wide leg pants paired with a bow-blouse in a flowy fabric, ideally satin or silk. For a more daring daytime 70’s look you could opt for hot pants (though we recommend being very carful with these) or a subtly geometric printed jumpsuit.  For a 70’s by night look, we love metallic maxi dresses or slinky gowns with decorative draping. Don’t be afraid of low necklines, contrasting colors or dress slits, these are the ultimate in 70’s night life glamor. Accessorize your look with a leather satchel, large statement belt, floppy hat, long pendant necklace or cat eye sunglasses.


Try The Trend Tips…

Are you ready to channel your inner Bianca Jagger and hit up Studio 54? Well here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Relaxed, is the word to describe this type of style, you want to look as effortless as possible.  Avoid stiff and restricting fabrics and opt for flouncy flowy textures, satins, silks, and even jersey work well with the 70’s era vibe.

Consider a 70’s hair style, long flowing hair was a popular look then, as well as, sleek elongated bobs and throngs of bouncy curls.

Try muted colors, creams, greys and earth tones work well with 70’s fashion. Since the style of the clothing is so unique the colors don’t necessarily have to be bold. Understated color also adds to the relaxed appeal of the look.