Nail decoration trends are constantly changing, first it was ombre, then it was textured and now abstract art is the latest nail art obsession. From geometric patterns to splotchy blobs of color, abstract nail art is quickly becoming a favorite among manicure trends. We love the way you can customize the colors and patterns to make your manicure a reflection of your personality. The best part about this trend is that you can use inexpensive items to help you create your abstract art, things like sponges, pencils and tape can be used to make some awesome nail decoration.

If you want to use a sponge to create a fun textured abstract look on your nails we recommend painting your nails with a dark base color. Then dip the sponging in a contrasting lighter color and lightly sponging your nails in different spots. The sponge will create a unique pattern on each nail, this pattern resembles sea coral.  We love how simple it is to take a cheap sponge and turn it into a versatile nail art tool.Best of all you can find sponges in all different textures and sizes so you’ll always be able to customize the look and size of the pattern that you create.

If you’re considering using tape to create a cool geometric pattern on your nails then we suggest simply placing a very skinny piece of painters tape onto the middle of your nail. Then paint one side of the strip one color like black, and the other side of the strip another color like white. Let the paint dry completely then remove the tape. This will leave your nails with a modern two toned pattern with a strip in the middle.  Next time you are at the craft or dollar store look around a see what cheap little things you can turn into tools for your abstract nail art. This DIY trend is super fun, fashionable and best of all its easy on the wallet so we recommend you give it a try asap!