Arm Cuffs, aka cuff bracelets, have been decorating the wrists, forearms and upper arms of some very high profile fashionistas like Nicole Richie, Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz.  So why this obsession with arm cuffs, why not opt for a plain old bracelet instead. Well the answer to that is simple; the arm cuff is a quick and efficient way to change the entire tone of an outfit without having to try too hard, this is what makes this accessory so appealing to both designers and celebrities alike. Arm cuffs come in all different shapes and sizes, making it relatively easy to find one to go with any outfit or any personal style.

One of the arm cuff styles we favor most is the belt arm cuff, which looks just like the name would suggest. This  mini belt for your arm can be worn on the wrist, forearm or upper arm.  This particular style of arm cuff would look great with a gray or silver tank top and black leather pants, the addition of the cuff will add to the edgy feel of the look. If you’re looking for a softer version of this trend go for a feather arm cuff, not only are feathers very trendy right now, the feather arm cuff looks great with boho style pieces, giving your look a relaxed, effortless and ethereal touch.

Try The Trend Tips

We highly recommend investing in this fun arm decoration and playing around with different variations and styles of this trend.

When looking for an arm cuff we recommend getting one that is adjustable, just in case you go on a spontaneous health kick and develop biceps of steel, you’ll want to make sure your cuff will accommodate any size changes in your arms.

Look for arm cuffs in unexpected patterns and colors, since this trend is youthful and fun, you can play around with it, maybe try something a little out of your comfort zone.