When we say the words baby doll dress you probably think of one of two things, a toy dolls clothing or those mod little dresses worn in the 50’s and 60’s.  We are referring to the latter, because this retro throwback has come back into popularity.  The baby doll dress first came into fashion when Carroll Baker’s character first donned the style in the 1956 film “Baby Doll”. Her character wore a short A-line dress that combined sex appeal and modesty. The reason we love this style of dress is because it perfects the art of looking sweet and sexy.  Style icons like Sandra Bullock and Paris Hilton have all donned baby doll dresses on the red carpets, proving that this look is worthy of the stars.

If you want to rock a baby doll dress for an upcoming holiday party we recommend looking for one with a little bit of shimmer. If can be in the form of a metallic hue or glittery appliques. As for foot wear we suggest wearing sexy pumps with an ankle strap, because the baby doll dress makes your legs look super long you can get away with an ankle strapped shoe. If you’re looking for a casual and relaxed way to wear this trend we recommend pairing a boho baby doll dress with sweet ballet flats.

Try The Trend Tips

The baby doll dress is a super cute and flattering fashion trend, we highly recommend you play with this dress style and see if it works for you.

Remember that in fall and winter you can still get some wear out of your baby doll dress. You could opt to pair your baby doll dress with thick leggings or if it’s short enough you can wear it as a tunic with skinny jeans.

Avoid childish prints like polka dots when wearing a baby doll dress, since the silhouette is so youthful, there is no need to add more childish accents to the outfit.