Good news, backless is, for lack of a better word back. It’s an equally sexy alternative to low cut dresses and they are suitable for all kinds of occasions. What we love about the backless trends is its fierce femininity, and its striking balance between sultry and classy. Hollywood stars like Zoe Saldana, Rihanna, Megan Fox, Nicole Richie, and Hilary Swank love the backless look and favor it on the red carpet, because of its dramatic “wow” factor.  It’s sexy and suggestive, yet subtle, which is what makes the look so popular. The backless trend is also great for girls with a smaller bust who don’t feel particularly comfortable with low cut dress, but still want to amp up the sexy appeal.

The backless trend is not just for the red carpet, these dresses are suitable for weddings, cocktail parties, clubbing and casual outings.  For an understated backless look, try wearing a sun dress that shows off your mid back area, pair with fun wedges and you’re ready for a casual day out. For a show stopping night time look, choose a black, long sleeve, mini dress that showcases your entire back. This look is super sexy, and the long sleeves balance the amount of skin you’re showing in the back.


Try The Trend Tips

Ready to go backless, well here are a few tips to make sure you rock the trend.

An even tan is the best accessory when wearing a backless dress. Along with your tan,  try using a body scrub on your back to buff away any dry or dead skin, finish off with a shimmering body lotion. This will ensure your skin is as sexy as possible in your saucy backless outfit.

Chose an appropriate bra if need, some ladies won’t need to wear a bra with a backless outfit (we call those ladies, lucky), but for those who do need a bra be mindful of choosing one where the straps don’t show. We favor the U-Plunge backless push-up bra, from Victoria Secret.

Wear minimal jewelry, think of your back as the many attraction of your outfit, don’t wearing anything that will complete with it for attention. Keep any accessories simple and understand and let your back be the center of attention.