On the 2013 Academy Awards red carpet we saw two of the evening’s big winners, Jennifer Lawrence and Anna Hathaway, rocking the trendy and chic backwards necklace trend. Lawrence’s delicate bead  Chopard necklace offered a dramatic yet elegant draping effect to her look while, Anne’s Tiffany & Co. necklace was a bit more statement making and pendant like.  It’s always exciting to see new and fresh ways of wearing accessories and we love the backwards necklace trend because it accentuates the sexy curve of the back and instantly up’s the wow factor of any look.  Another great thing about this trend is that it goes hand-in-hand with the backless shirt/dress trend as well as the Great Gatsby era fashion trends that have recently come back into popularity.

The backwards necklace is perfect for any time you want to really step up the elegance of your look. For example a simple strapless black dress can go from plain to super chic in an instant with the addition of an extra-long set of pearls draped over the back instead of your front. For a more daring way to rock this look we recommend pairing a backless shirt with a super simple and long backwards pendant necklace.

Try The Trend Tips

The backwards necklace trend is one that we think you need to try and here are a few tips to help you master this sophisticated and sexy trend.

Remember to go backless and make sure nothing, including your hair, interferes with the necklace. Try opting for a low bun or even a messy up-do when wearing a backwards necklace.

Opting for a pendant necklace is best for ladies who are new to this trend because the weight of the pendant in the middle will keep the necklace in the right spot all night.