Its risqué, bold and basically a bra, but the bandeau top trend has taken the celebrity and runway world by storm. Just in case you’re drawing a blank, a bandeau top is similar to a tube top, however it typically stops right under the bust line. Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Hillary Duff have all recently worn this cute little midriff bearing top. While designers like Thakoon, Margiela and Baleciaga have all shown version of the bandeau top on the runway. The best part about this look is that it can go underneath another shirt for a layered effect or it can be worn solo for a super sexy, skin bearing outfit.

If you’re not in love with the idea of exposing your entire mid-section to the world, we don’t blame you.  You can still rock a bandeau top underneath a sheer,  oversized white tank, pair that with some skinny jeans and you’ll be looking fresh and effortless in the summer time. If you have the body and the boldness to rock a bandeau top sans a cover up then we recommend a pastel bandeau top with a black high-lo skirt. This look is fresh, sexy and fun, we can’t think of anything better to wear on a summer night date.

Try The Trend Tips

This trend is defiantly not for the fashion faint of heart, but when worn properly the bandeau top can be sophisticated, fun and sexy.

This trend can go from classy to trashy in an instant so be very aware of your sexiness level. Showing some skin is fine but we don’t recommend wearing anything overly short with a bandeau top, there no reason to show off your legs, arms, stomach and back in one outfit, its always a good idea to leave somethings to the imagination.

Add ladylike touches like lace, pearls, a cardigan or ballet flats. Accessories like these will tone don’t the vampy appeal of the bandeau top and add some polished sophistication to your look.