This years newest fashion trend is going for Baroque (pun intended), and we love these 16th century inspired styles. Let’s start off with a little history lesson on the roots of Baroque fashion, and who we can attribute this look to. Italian Baroque fashion is inspired by Michelangelo 16th century works of art; it’s all about channeling the dramatic styles of the Rococo and Baroque periods. Think lush embellishments, gold embroidery and spiraling shapes that climb up the female figure. This year’s modern interpretation of this classic sophisticated style retains the ornamental delicacy of the time period, while bringing it into the chic present day.

Baroque prints come in varying degrees of intensity, from bold and flashy chain prints, a Versace favorite, to softer ornate Rococo swirls. This style also plays with textures, incorporating plush velvets, needlepoint appliqués and lace accents. For a Baroque inspired outfit we recommend you pair downtown separates with these dramatic and excessive pieces.  Try wearing a gold ornamental embellished top, with simple black skinny trousers. If you’re feeling bolder try velvet or leather trouser with a decadent Rococo pattern on them, pair with a simple neutral tone top, to keep the attention on your dramatic pants. For a minimal Baroque look try wearing accessories inspired by the time period. Choose from tapestry handbags, beaded collars, printed scarves and ornately decorated jewelry.


Try The Trend Tips

The Baroque fashion trend can be a bit tricky to nail down; it’s a swirl of different influences that make a collective look. Here are a few key elements you’ll need to rock this latest trend.

Rich fabrics like velvet, leather and silks will set the tone for your look. Since these fabric tend to be more expensive, ensure you are getting the best quality possible for your money. Fortunately, if you buy wisely your pieces should last quite a while if cared for properly.

Gold is the color to go with for a Baroque inspired look. Gold embellishments, gold accessories, gold appliqués, quite simply gold, gold and more gold.

You’ll want to look for ornate patterns that have symmetrical qualities, and favor curves over hard lines. Think antique wallpaper, stained glass and the aesthetic qualities of the 16th century.