The belted dress trend goes in and out of fashion every couple of years, so we see different variations of it every so often and this year we are seeing two very distinct belted dress styles. The first is a retro, polished and glamorous way to rock the belted dress, its typically a combination of a chic fitted knee length dress paired with a waist cinching skinny belt. This look is perfect for the office or any other time when looking sophisticated and professional is your goal. The second belted dress style we love is the boho inspired floral belted dress. This look is perfect for spring and summer because of the delicate floral print and the relaxed and carefree vibe.

For work we suggest pairing a gray fitted dress with a black skinny belt and black blazer. The belt will highlight and draw attention to your waistline while still looking appropriate for the office, plus the black and gray color combo is very trendy right now. If you want to rock the boho version of this look we recommend pairing a fluted floral dress with a simple brown belt. Add some nature inspired accessories like an owl pendent necklace or wooden bangles and you’ll be looking like an ethereal goddess in no time.

Try The Trend Tips

A belt is the perfect way to take a simple dress from plain to unique, which is why we highly recommend you give this dress trend a try.

Remember to look for a belt that cinches your waist, but does not squeeze it to tightly. There is nothing worse than ruining a cut outfit with a muffin top.

Be mindful of the belt placement, if you have a fuller mid-section you may want to place the belt directly under your bust line, whereas if you have a more boxy figure you’ll want to place the belt directly on your waistline.