Many women find hats hard accessories to wear in general, but berets in particular get a bad rap for being notoriously hard to style. It’s time to change your thinking when it comes to this very versatile little beret, because this year celebrities as well as everyday fashionistas are donning sophisticated, fashionable and playful berets.  The most amazing thing about the beret is that it can look totally different depending on how you wear it; you can tilt it to the side, tuck the brim or make it look more like a poufy. Berets also give any outfit a retro glam sort of feel, which is reminiscent of the old Hollywood movie stars.

If you want to rock a beret for date night we suggest going with a flirty and girly one. A beret with floral appliques or a little glitter can take your outfit from plain to chic in an instant. If you’re a little timid about trying this trend we recommend starting out with a simple black beret, it complements any face shape and can be paired with just about any outfit. Once you are comfortable with the trend, look for a beret in a bold color like red or even neon hues.

Try The Trend Tips

If you feel the need to add a little something extra to your outfits this year, we suggest throwing on a beret to help keep you looking chic and fashionable.

When wearing a beret it’s a good idea to keep your makeup simple and natural, since the hat is already bringing attention to your face there is no need to go heavy on the makeup as well.

Play with different hairstyles when wearing a beret, of course you could leave your hair down but you could also try a low bun or a side swept ponytail.