Bib necklaces are a fun variation on the statement necklaces; they earn their name because they fall in a way that’s similar to a bib on a child. These interesting and often eclectic necklaces have the power to transform an entire outfit, making them a must have accessory.  There are multitudes of different styles of bib necklaces, from tribal inspired prints to bright neon colors.  Similar to the statement necklace bib necklaces put the exclamation mark on your outfit taking it from simple to chic in an instant. Since there are an endless array of bib necklaces to those from we’ll help narrow it down to our top 3 favorite bib necklace styles.


We love the neon bib necklace because it goes from casual to classy in an instant. Pair a neon pink bib necklace with a white t-shirt and jeans for a cute summer day outfit that’s comfortable and fashionable.  For a dressier look take the same neon pink bib necklace and pair it with your little black dress, add a neon clutch and you’ll be good to go. This look is great because it adds a fresh touch to the classic LBD style.


Many bib necklaces come with lace or fabric appliques that give them a sweet romantic feel. We love this particular type of bib necklace for special occasions like weddings. If you’re attending a special gathering consider pairing a cute shift dress with a lace adorned bib necklace. This look is ultra-feminine and fun, plus the necklace will take your simple shift dress from cute to chic, instantly.

Tear Drop

Our favorite bib necklace for summer time is the tear drop necklace; this particular type of bib necklace has tear drop shaped beads. This bib necklace variation looks particularly stunning in shades of turquoise or coral.  Consider pairing a tear drop bib necklace with a white sundress for an effortless summer day look.