Bouffant hairstyles have been around since the 60’s and this year they have come into popularity yet again.  Bouffant hair takes many shapes and forms, but literally translated bouffant just means big hair. Celebrities like Adele, Lana Delray and Kim Kardashian all favor the bouffant look both on and off the red carpet because it conveys a sense of classic confidence.  This look is typically achieved by teasing the hair at the crown of the head, leaving the top of the hair looking ultra-full and voluminous.   The hair can then be pinned up into an up-do for a super sophisticated look or be left down for an elegant and sultry style.

If you’re looking for a casual way to rock the bouffant look we suggest gently teasing a few pieces of hair at the very crown of your head, then flat ironing your remaining tresses so that the end result is a sleek yet volume filled hairstyle which looks perfect for a casual date night. For a super sophisticated and dressed up bouffant we suggest teasing the back and crown of your hair and then pinning it up into an up-do leaving a few strands of hair down that frame your face.   This pinned up bouffant look if perfect for any fancy event or a wedding perhaps.

Try The Trend Tips

The big bouffant trend is stylish, elegant and looks lovely on just about everybody, so there is no excuse not to try this hairstyle trend this year.

If you opt for a pinned up bouffant style,  look for some statement dangly earrings to wear, this will draw attention to your hair and showcase your neck and collarbones.

If you opt to leave your hair down then think about adding a headband to your look, it’s a great way to add a feminine and girly accessory to your do.