Bow are making their way onto everything now-a-days, blouses, bracelets, earrings and now shoes are all being adorned with adorable bows. If you’re a user of sites like Instagram or Pintrest you have probably seen quite a few cute pairs of bow pumps on your feed at one point or another. The reason ladies everywhere love the bow pump trend is because it’s the perfect way to add a flirty, ladylike touch to a sexy and sultry pair of heels. The bows used for this trend range from tiny satin bows on the back of the pumps, to large oversized bows placed right on the toe of the pump. This wide range of bow selection allows you to choose whether you want to make a large or small statement with your footwear.

If you want to keep the bows on your pumps subtle and understated we recommend going for  dark colored pumps that have a simple bow embellishment on the back. We love this type of pump because the bow isn’t visible from the front, but when you turn around it acts as an extra hidden accessory that adds that something special to your ensemble. If you are looking to make a bold and brazen statement with your foot wear opt for a pump that has a large bow on the toe of the show. This type of pump would look great with a simple solid color shift dress, since the dress won’t compete with the shoes for attention.

Try The Trend Tips

Bow pumps are a style that seems to be here to stay, from understated to over the top, bow adorned shoes are a very chic trend that we recommend you try.

We have seen a few styles of pumps that have bows, studs and basically everything but the kitchen sink. Please stay away from this style of shoe, there is just too much going on. One simple bow is all you need to master this style.

If you’re looking for a a more comfortable variation of this trend look for loafers or ballet flats that have bow on them as well.