Belts are one of the most versatile accessories in a woman closet. From pants to skirt and dress, belts can go with just about anything you’ve got. But this year instead of just being a simple yet functional accessory belts are soaring to all new heights. Belts are being seen in interesting patterns, textures and most importantly bright pops of color. This trend has even made its way into the wedding world, as brides are now adding bright sash belts to their white wedding gowns. What makes this trend work is its statement-making power, and functionality within your wardrobe.

As far as bright belts go, it’s super easy to work them into your existing wardrobe. You can use a bright pink neon belt to accent your little black dress for a cute date night outfit. You could opt to simply add a bright belt to light wash skinny jeans and pair with a men’s tucked in button down shirt. We suggest investing a rainbow of colors and styles, look for both wide and skinny belts, or you could even wear a dramatically printed scarf as a belt.

Try The Trend Tips

Thinking about donning a bright colored belt in the near future, well here are a few tips to help get your foray into bright belts started, successfully and fashionably.

Bright does not always mean color, you could try a bright metallic belt that shimmers and catches the light when you move. This is a great way to add bling to an office outfit or dress up a simple pair of jeans.

Try pairing an all-black jumpsuit with a bright and wide neon belt. This look is the perfect way to combine a sophisticated classic look with a youthful and fresh flare.