If you’re a fan of Pintrest or Instagram than you’ve probably notice a ton of these fashionable and fun bubble necklaces recently. This statement necklace trend is a youthful and funky addition to any spring wardrobe this year. A well-chosen bubble necklace can instantly add a dose of freshness to any ensemble.  We’ve seen bubble necklaces in all sorts of colors ranging from bold bright neon’s, light pastels and crisp neutral hues. You can opt for a  bright necklace to accent a monotones outfit or choose a neutral bubble necklace as playful yet understated accent to a more polished look.  Any way you decided to wear this fun accessory trend, you’ll be looking fashion forward and chic.

One of our favorite ways to rock this look is to wear a black on black outfit like a black pantsuit, jumper or little black dress and add in a super bright neon bubble statement necklace.  This look is an easy way to rock the bubble necklace trend, without taking the look overboard. Another great way to wear this trend would be to pair a bright t-shirt or tank top with a frosted white bubble necklace. The bubble necklace adds a bit of balance and sophisticated to the bold color shirt.


Try The Trend Tips

The bubble necklace trend is one that we highly suggest you try this year, and here are a few key tips to help you master this fun and fresh look.

A bright bubble necklace and a black blazer are a simple and chic go-to combo when it comes to this trend, so if you’re at a loss for what to wear with your new bubble necklace just go for a white button and a black blazed and you’ll be good to go.

Bubble necklaces look great in all colors but our favorites are coral, turquoise, white and lime green.