Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Peter Som and Kimberly Ovitz all have one thing in common this fall. They have been debuting deep lush burgundy in their Fall fashion collections.  Burgundy encompasses all the warmth and depth that Fall has to offer. In shades of spiced wine, dark rose and plum, this color has us dazzled this year.  Burgundy is subtle yet stunning, giving any look an effortlessly timeless appeal.  Another great aspect about burgundy is that it’s universally complementary; it looks great with all hair and skin tones.  So there is really no reason not to try out this luxurious color this Fall.  We have put together our list of the top 4 items you must own in warm rich burgundy.

Burgundy Leggings

Leggings are a Fall must have, but in burgundy they are the perfect complement to a cream tunic sweater or brown cape. You can also opt for leggings that have a burgundy pattern like swirls or stripes.

Burgundy Trench

A burgundy trench is a great alternative to that khaki one that comes out every Fall. If you can find a burgundy trench with gold accents than it’s even better. You can pair it with dark skinny jeans and brown leather boots for a sexy Fall ensemble.

Burgundy Peplum Dress

A burgundy peplum dress is perfect for a Fall cocktail party. The peplum will add a playful element to your style; while the burgundy will keep your look classic and sophisticated.

Burgundy Cape

Capes are the “it” alternative to jackets and coats this year. So why not wear a trendy cape in a trendy color. We suggest pairing a burgundy cape with black leather pants for a sexy edgy Fall look.