Before we get into some of our favorite ways to wear the super chic chevron stripe trend, let’s talk about where it originated and how it became so famous. The chevron stripe is a zig-zag pattern with a “v” shape to it, it was first used as a military insignia and then was most famously utilized as the logo for the Chevron Oil Company.  The pattern is by far the most popular geometric print around these days and its popping up everywhere from fashion to interior design.  Below you’ll find our top 3 ways to wear this fun and chic pattern.

Chevron Stripe Maxi Skirt

If you are a user of Instagram or Pintrest then you have probably seen a few of these on your feed. The chevron stripe maxi skirt has become a spring and summer time favorite because it’s easy to pair with a simple solid color t-shirt or tank top. We recommend looking for a chevron stripe maxi skirt that has a blue and white color combo, because it’s a fun play on the nautical themed fashion trend.

Chevron Stripe Clutch

A chevron striped envelop clutch can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary and that’s why we love it. For a date night or even a holiday party, opt for a chevron striped clutch to add a fun and fresh print to your look .

Chevron Strip Manicure

Manicures are getting daring now-a-days and the chevron striped manicure is one of the most unique nail decoration trends we have seen. Of course you can go to a nail salon and have the chevron striped manicure done for you. However you’ll save money if you go with the DIY method by looking up an online tutorial, must of them only require two colors of nail polish and little painters tape.