Choker’s are on point to become one of the must-have additions to your accessory collection. Chokers have been on fashion hiatus for a while, but now there back and ready for action. Designers like Charlotte Ronson, Donna Karan and Elie Taheri showed a wide range of choker styles at their most recent runway shows. Chokers fit in very well with this year’s major fashion themes, bold, brazen and brilliant. Below is our list of must-have chokers, which you need in your wardrobe.

Sleek Metallic Choker

This type of choker makes a modern and bold statement. We suggest finding one in either silver or gold. Pair your metallic choker with a black long leg and sleeved jumper for a sexy and sophisticated ensemble.

Chain Choker

This type if choker is made up of layers of short chains. We think it looks best with a button up white blouse and office appropriate black pencil skirt.

Pearl Choker

This type of choker is a playful little twist on the classic conservative pearl necklace. Pair it with a little black dress for a fresh take on a classic look.

Hi-lo Choker

This type of choker has little embellishments that hang below where the necklace sits. This look is very modern and interesting, we suggest pairing it with something simple and letting the choker take center stage.

Neon Shape Choker

This type of choker has geometric neon shapes that surround the neck. Again this is a bold look and needs to be worn with care. We suggest pairing it with a classic black ensemble for the most dramatic effect.