A collar on a shirt or dress can instantly add a touch of class and sophistication and this is what makes the collar necklace trend so appealing. Necklaces shaped like shirt collars may sound a little odd; however this latest accessory trend adds a polished and youthful touch to an ensemble that we just love.  There are so many different variations of the collar necklace trend and each has a unique style. For example there are necklaces that actually tie in the front and look just like the collar of a shirt and are typically worn with scoop or V-neck blouses or dressed. There are also collar necklaces which are designed to lay directly under the collar of a shirt acting as an almost hidden little detail within your blouse. This trend is a favorite of ours because not only can it make you look more polished but the addition of a collar necklace can freshen up your wardrobe with minimal effort.

For the office the collar necklace is the perfect accessory.  It only adds to the sophistication and professional look of office wear, while allowing you to sneak in a hint of personality and style. At the office we suggest going with subtle colors for your collar necklace like black, white or even pastel tones, anything that blends in with your outfit but still draw a little attention. When you want to wear a collar necklace in a more playful way, we suggest going with a necklace that ties in the front and is actually shaped like the collar of a shirt. These types of necklace are often worn with dressed or tank tops, and typically have some sort of embellishment or accents.


Try The Trend Tips

The collar necklace is a simple and easy trend to work into your wardrobe, and we have a few key tips to make sure you stay looking chic.

Remember not to wear the collar necklace with one-shouldered dressed or blouses, the one shoulder look has enough going on without the addition of a statement necklace.

Sometimes less is more with this trend, so try out a delicate and dainty chain collar necklace which is a bit more subtle and wearable than the typical collar necklace.