Color blocking is the newest high impact color trend to hit the runway. This trend is not for the faint of heart, but when done properly it makes a bold statement and really draws attention.  This trend is highly misunderstood, and much easier to master than it seems. It’s all about mixing complementary colors from both the primary and secondary color groups.  The primary colors according to the color wheel are red, blue and yellow, so chose one of those and mix it with one of the secondary colors like purple, green or orange.  You could opt for a dress that already has color blocking in it, or just put together your own outfit seeing as you probably already own all the elements you’ll need.

For a casual color blocking look, try pairing canary yellow shorts with a blue flouncy top. This look is bright, colorful and perfect for a sunny summer day.  If you are a little intimidated about pair two bright colors together, then try pairing one bright color with a nude hue to start off, once you’ve mastered that then you can move up to more dramatic color combos.  For a date night color blocking look we suggest pairing fuchsia skinny jeans with a silk teal top.  This look is sexy and sensory thanks to the combination of bright colors and the soft texture of the silk top.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you’re not too shy to try the color blocking trend; here are a few tips to help get you started.

This trend may not be as effective on girls that are shorter or extremely curvy; the colorblocking trend may cut you in half aesthetically making you look larger than you are.

Some great colors combs to try: 

Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange

Brown, Pink, Peach

Blue, Pink, White

Coral, Grey, Ivory