Coral is one of those colors that adds brightness and freshness to any outfit. Of course this color is best used in the spring/summer time because of its floral qualities. Fortunately coral goes with a whole slew of colors, like neutral black and cream, to bright mint and teal. What’s more, you don’t even have to wear coral clothing to master this trend because coral make-up, nail polish and accessories are popular now as well. Visit Pintrest and you’ll see a ton of how-to fashion and beauty tutorials featuring coral is the main color.

For a cute summer outfit we recommend tailored black shorts with a simple coral t-shirt tucked in. For the final touch add a skinny leopard belt, this look is cute, chic and the color combo is very trendy. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to wear coral, perhaps to the office or for evening wear, we recommend a sleeveless coral shift dress paired with nude pumps. This look is easily made office appropriate with the addition of a blazer or can be used for nightwear with the addition of some glam jewelry and killer heels.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to ravish in a dazzling shade of coral, well here are a few tips to ensure you look your best in one of this year’s hottest shades.

If you’re opting for the coral make-up route, be careful to select a color that’s truly coral and not too orange-ish.  Because coral can at times have an orange hue people mistake the two colors, so make sure you avoid anything that’s a kin to a carrot.

A coral statement necklace is another great way to rock this trend; we love the idea of dressing up a simple white t-shirt with a beaded coral statement choker.