The hottest thing in manicures this year is elongating the look of the nails.

First there was the pointed nail trend and now the flatting crescent moon manicure is hitting the scene.  We first saw this look at the Chanel Fall Couture show and then at the shows of Ruffian and Thakoon. We love how this manicure can make the fingers look dainty and ladylike. We also love how the crescent moon nails are a modern twist on the classic and chic French manicure.  You can pair any two colors you like for this look, get a little bold and opt for pastels, neon’s or even metallic.

Once you’ve picked out your colors just follow the steps below to get a super chic manicure in no time.

Crescent Moon Manicure

What You’ll Need:

  • Reinforcement Stickers ( Cut in Half)
  • Two Nail Polish Colors
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat



1: Start with clean and dry nails. File, buff nails and make sure your cuticles are trimmed.

2: Apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails and let dry completely.

3: Apply the “crescent” color to your entire nail and let dry completely.

4: Apply the pre-cut reinforcement stickers to your nails at about the place of your nails natural crescent. The stickers should look like little rainbows on the bottom of your nails.

5: Apply the second color from the top of the arch on the sticker to the tip of your nails.

6: Let dry completely then remove the sticker and apply the top coat.


Try The Trend Tips

You could opt to add another layer to this look by just repeating the steps which will make your manicure a double-crescent moon mani.

 Some great colors combos: lilac and peach, mint and grey, black and tan,  neon and black and metallic gold and oxblood.