The ear cuff trend is a darling yet rocker chic update to plain old earrings. The idea is that the earring has a chain attached to it which attaches to the upper part of the ear. Some designers have taken to a bolder interpretation of this trend and created whole ear cuffs which encase the outer rim of the ear.  These cuffs have been seen in all sorts of designs from gold and silver to colorful peacock feathers. Designer Jason Wu even had his models wearing 18k gold ear cuffs, which were custom designed for his show at New York fashion week. The trend is a fun and ornamental way to show off your personality.

As far as styling goes for this trend, it’s pretty much a wear what you like kind of thing. We have seen a wide variety of ear cuffs recently. There are some cuffs that have multiple chains, delicate feathers, brushed metallic, miniature animal accents and even some that involve a hair accessory attachment. They come in all different sizes and textures so you can really play around with different types of styles and see what you like. Our favorite look for this trend is wearing two or three tiny ear cuffs on your ear at the same time, in contrasting colors or even the metallic trio of gold, silver and bronze.

Try The Trend Tips
The ear cuff trend is super-hot right now, so we suggest investing in a few cute ones. Here are a few tips to help you master the trend.

Avoid looking costume-ish, don’t go for an ear cuff that overpowers the side of your head. Keep it simple at first and once you’re used to the trend, be a bit bolder.

Wear your hair up, there no point in wear a super cute ear cuff if nobody can see it.

If your ears are sensitive to nickel, which is common in many lower cost jewelry product, make sure you spend the extra more for a silver cuff. Even though it may cost a tad bit more to buy silver, it’s worth it not to have the ear irritation.