Fall is a beautiful season and depending on where you live you may even get to witness the transition of the trees and the fantastic colors of the fall leaves.  Well those leaf colors are part of the inspiration for the hues that dominate fall fashion. It’s all about rich, opulent, cozy colors and textures, fluffy fur, shiny leather and lux cashmere just to name a few. This year’s fall fashion transition isn’t just about earth tones and comfortable fabrics; it’s about taking classic fashion pieces and wearing them in the most refreshing ways possible.  Pairing browns with black, adding unexpected accent colors and even taking a cue from other eras like the 50’s and 60’s, are common place on the 2012 fall fashion scene.

For a bright fall inspired look opt for an emerald dress, the color is inviting, sharp and stunning.  The deep green hue is still earthy and channels the fall vibe, pairing the dress with black accessories adds balance to the outfit. For a sassy fall look for the office, take a hint from the 50’s and go for a fitting black pencil skirt; pair with a tan turtle neck and black pumps.  The great thing about this look is that the tan and black color combination is having a huge fashion breakthrough, so this look is right on point with the trendy fall color combo. Plus that fitted skirt brings just the right amount of sexy appeal to the office environment.

Try The Trend Tips

Are you falling in love with 2012’s fall fashion inspirations, well here are a few tips to help you avoid a fall fashion flop.

Don’t be afraid to wear summer colors in the fall. A lot of ladies think that as soon as the first fall leaf hits the ground that the bright colors need to get packed away, that’s simply not true. You can still wear bright summery hues during fall, just add darker accessories or switch up the fabric. Instead of purchasing that bright yellow sun dress, consider a bright yellow leather trench instead, you’ll still get the pop of color but the leather is more fall appropriate.

Don’t wear head to toe brown; this is a very common fall fashion mistake. Though the color works very well in fall it’s just not right for a total look. Instead add subtle hues of brown like your shoes, nail color, headband or hat.