Flowers flowers in your hair, flowers flowers everywhere…that’s the motto for this latest trend, which is made up of chic, flirty and feminine floral headbands and crowns. Some of our favorite celebrity fashionistas like Kristen Dunst, Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Keira Knightly and Nicole Richie have been spotted on the red carpet rocking the delicately beautiful floral crown in their hair. This ethereal, goddess style headband is the perfect way to make the most of this season’s obsession with flower power. This summer let your hair say hello to roses, daisies and any other flower you like as you rock an ultra-chic floral crown or headband.

Trendy floral headbands and crowns come in all different shapes and sizes, from lavender hued statement making rose crowns to barely there baby’s breath hair wreaths, we are loving them all! Best of all floral headbands and crowns look fantastic on all hair types, from natural full curls to delicate wispy locks.

The key to making this trend work for you will depend on a few factors. First off, the flower color of your floral headband or crown should complement the hue of your hair. For example, purple flowers tend to make brunette hair pop, while redheads benefit from the contrast of blue flowers and blondes look fantastic in blush colored floral hues. Also, it’s important to keep your floral adorned look mature and not overly juvenile, so stay away from child-esque style options like pigtails, overalls or polka dot prints. Do consider pairing your floral headpiece with a boho inspired outfit or even a country chic look. As for your hair you can really do anything you want, for example deep side parted waves or a simply chic messy up-do would both be perfect hairstyle options to add a floral headband or crown too.