Of course miniskirts are sexy and show off your legs, but we can’t ignore their figure flattering and sophisticated cousin the full skirt. There is just something about wearing a full skirt that feels girly, feminine and flirty. Whether the skirt is bounce, flouncy, flowy or structured full skirts are always figure flattering and they are making a huge comeback right now. The cut of the full skirt is timeless; it can be worn with a simple tank top and ballet flats or glammed up with a sequin blazer and sexy heels. During New York fashion week we have seen a surge of these classic skirts on the runway from designers like Pierre Balmain, Tibi and Honor.

For a fabulous full skirt ensemble that is office appropriate we suggest pairing a flowy floral skirt that reaches just below your knees with a white menswear button down shirt and silver accessories. This look is fun and fresh but still has enough structure for the office environment. For a sexy date night outfit we recommend paring a black high waist full skirt with a barlet top that shows just a sliver of your midriff. This look is a vamped up version of a classic silhouette that is sure to have heads turning.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to feel flirty and chic in a full length skirt, well here are a few tips to help you pick the best skirt for you.

Finding the right fit in proportion to your height is very important when wearing a full skirt, if you’re on the shorter side choose a skirt that hits right at the knee. If you are on the taller side than you can go for a longer skirt because it won’t drown you.

Try adding a belt to your full skirt, it’s an easy way to accessories and add color if it is needed.

There can be such a thing as too much volume, lots of full skirts these days come with lining underneath to help hold their shape. But too much lining can make you look way to bulky, try on a few different styles and figure out which complements your figure most.