Hats are one of the only accessories that blend functionality and fashion seamlessly.  If you want to stay warm, hats have got you stylishly covered.  What if you’re having an awful hair day, than a hat can come to the rescue of you and your hair. If you feel like making a bold fashion statement, hats can also help, with eye catching colors and shapes you can always count on a hat to make a splash. This season designers like Rachel Zoe, Marc Jacobs and Moschino all showed hats at their 2012 runway shows. During fashion week we saw variations of fur Cossack hats, cowboy hats, cloche hats, schoolboy caps and even the much loved fedora.  With all of these fantastic styles coming back into play, there is no reason not to slip on a hat this Fall.

For a casual hat adorned ensemble we suggest pairing a fedora with your outfit. Try wearing dark skinny jeans with knee high boots; pair that with a burgundy trench coat and a fedora. This look says Fall fashionista, and keeps you warm and toasty at the same time.  For a more formal affair such as a wedding or derby, we suggest wearing a wide brimmed statement hat. At these types of events statement hats are frequently worn and often expected.  So pick one with feathers, fringe or a pattern, just make sure it reflects your inner personality and matches your outfit.


Try The Trend Tips

Ready to top off your outfit with a cute hat, well here are a few tips to help you pick out the best one for you.

Start small, if you aren’t used to wearing hats we suggest starting with a fedora or beret.  These are small types of hats and they won’t feel too overpowering once you put them on.

Store your hats properly, a squished hat is not a good look. We suggest investing in a hat box, or just keeping them on a shelf and away from danger and dust.