If you’re born with curly hair you have probably spent a lot of both time and money trying to calm, de-frizz and manage your curls.  If you have been born with straight hair then you have probably experimented with adding voluminous bouncy curls to your tresses.  Flawless curls are something almost every woman has wanted at some point in her life, and believe it or not its possible to have them without spending ridiculous amounts of money on hair products and salon visits.


Tips For Perfecting Naturally Curly Hair

  • Apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner directly out of the shower while your hair is still wet, this will allow the conditioner to be absorbed by your hair strands while your hair is drying, leading to healthier and less frizz prone curls.
  • Style your hair in 4 sections; this will make it easier to apply your hair products evenly.
  • Never go more than a week without deep conditioning, being blessed with curly hair does come with some maintenance requirements and this is one of them.  Daily conditioning is obviously important, but a weekly deep conditioning treatment will really penetrate your hair to the root and infuse some much needed moisture back into your hair.


Tips For Curling Straight Hair

  • Invest in an electric iron or curl wand; this is the quickest way to get sleek curls at home. One of our favorite curling wands is the Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron if you’re on a budget, however if you’re willing to splurge a little we suggest opting for the Sultra SU241 Bombshell Curling Iron.
  • Don’t skip the hairspray; some women opt not to apply any for fear that it will make their curls feel crunchy. The key is to use a flexible hold hairspray ( like Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hairspray) that will keep your curls from falling flat while allowing them to stay bounce, soft and touchable.