Skinny belts are everywhere from evening wear to swim wear, there is no outfit that can’t be enhanced by the addition of this tiny little accessory.  If you are a stranger to this trend then we suggest you get well acquainted with it because the skinny belt style is here to stay. To help you put this trend to good use, we have our top three favorite ways to rock a skinny belt. Once you’ve gotten down the basics you can then try out the skinny belt in tons of different and interesting way.

Our first favorite way to wear a skinny belt is to use it to belt a men’s button down shirt. The men’s wear trend is super popular right now and using a skinny belt to define your waist in this masculine style is the way to go.  You could opt for a crisp white button down shirt with a black belt for a great monochromatic work look. Or you could opt to add in a hint of color and use a neon skinny belt for a more casual and youthful style.

Our second favorite way to rock a skinny belt is to belt a shift dress with it. Since a shift dress is super simple and shapeless it is important to highlight your waist and figure when wearing it. Using a belt to define your waist will take this super simple dress and make it look more chic and sophisticated.ft

Our final favorite way to rock a skinny belt is with a maxi dress.  A boho chic maxi dress is a summer and spring time fashion staple and what better way to enhance your figure in this style than a skinny belt. We recommend using a nude tone  braided skinny belt to complete your look.