The predicament of whether or not to wear sandals to the office is one that has plagued working women for years. Some ladies think that any type of open toe shoe at work is inappropriate while other ladies think that select types of sandals can be worn to work. Truly it all depends on where you work and the atmosphere that surrounds you. If you work at a very high class place with strict dressing guidelines than sandals probably won’t be the right choice. But if you work in an environment that has a somewhat relaxed or business casual atmosphere than there are some types of sandals that you can wear to work and still look very appropriate, professional and chic.  Below you’ll find our list of the top three sandals that you can pull of at work.

Heeled Sandals
Heeled sandals we actually very work appropriate as long as your avoid supper strappy or super high heels. Opt for a mid-height heel that still allows you to walk comfortabley while elongating the look of your legs. Pair heeled sandals with cropped pants for a polished yet fresh look from spring and summer at the office.

Wedge Sandals
Wedge sandals are very sensible for work, they are comfortable enough to stand or walk in for long periods and they still make you look taller thereby enhancing your figure. We recommend pairing wedge heels with long wide leg trousers; this will hide the wedge and make it impossible to tell that you’re not wearing typical pumps.

Decorative Flats
Decorative flats are more for the casual work atmosphere and we suggesting pairing them with a full skirt or even a fluted skirts. It important to dress up the shoes so they mesh well with the rest of your work ensemble and so they avoid looking overly casual will at the office.