Jewelry is a great way to make a statement and add a little glitz to an outfit. In 2012 jewelry trends are becoming more versatile and even ecofriendly.  We love the latest bold and brazen designer trends, which are embracing statement pieces. Flaunting the latest runway jewelry trend is super easy if you know what to look for. That’s why we have created our trendy jewelry must haves list, so you know what to wear and how to wear it.


This year rings are the ‘it’ accessory. Since rings are tiny you have more room the play with them. You can wear two on one finger, four on one hand or just one large statement piece. As far as rings are concerned there are no rules to follow, just have fun and rock them.

Eco Friendly

Try to find jewelry made out of recycled or organic materials. Nothing says fashionable and Earth conscious like recycled jewelry. Think old newspaper, yarn, or plastic, you could even make eco jewelry a fun DIY craft. Since most eco jewelry has earth tones, it’s perfect to pair with your favorite fall outfits.

Chunky Bracelets

Large statement bracelets are making a splash this year. We love them in wild colors like neon pink and orange. We suggest you wear just one and let it be your statement piece, while the rest of your outfit is understated.  You can also layer a few on for a cuff like effect.

Statement Earrings

Dramatic drop earrings are making a huge comeback in 2012. Pair them with a strapless dress and let them enhance the wow factor of your look. Your bare shoulders will  stand out even more as a backdrop for your beautiful earrings.