This year knee high boots have become very trendy, and were shoes go socks will follow. So it should be no surprise that knee high socks have come into fashion.  Socks tend to be a clothing item that is ignored and intentionally covered, so we are relieved that socks are getting some air time in the realm of fashion.  One of the best things about wearing knee socks is they add a fun quirkiness to your outfit that shows the youthful side of your personality. Plus they draw the attention to your legs while still keeping them warm, which is something that will help you out during winter time.

If you want to try out this trend in the most subtle way possible, try pairing knee high boots with socks that are just a bit longer. This will allow you to test out the look and feel of the trend and make sure you like it. Once you have established that you like the look on you, opt for some cute flats and pair them with knee high socks and either shorts, a dress or a skirt.  We recommend going for darker knee socks because they tend to flatter the lines of the leg more and they don’t get dirty as easily as lighter socks.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to step out in knee socks this fall, well here are a few tips to make sure you get off on the right foot.

Remember to try on your socks before you buy them, this may sound strange since socks are typically a grab and go type of item. But knee socks that are narrow at the top may squeeze your knees in a sausage like way, as that’s not chic at all.

You can also wear knee socks with heels just as easily as with flats. They even make “toe less” knee socks that way you can show off your pedicure with open sandals, and still achieve the knees socks look.