Lace ‘em up ladies, and we don’t mean your sneakers because this season lace up heels are making a huge splash. London fashion week was tinged with sexy lace up heels on the runways of fashion houses like Zara and Giuseppe Zanotti. While celebrity fashionistas like Katy Perry, Emma Rossum and Rihanna have been spotted showing off their pedicures in sexy lace up heels recently as well. There are tons of different lace up heels variations to choose from, from prim and proper bow lace up heels to sexy boho gladiator lace up heels, it’s  so easy to find a pair to suit your own personal tastes and style.

What we love about the lace up heels trend is the versatility it allows. For example, you can pair them with cuffed jeans and a designer t-shirts for casual occasions. While, for more formal affairs, you can opt for a skin baring cutaway dress which will only enhance the exposed skin on your feet making your look cohesive and super sultry.  For a more subtle take on this look go for lace up heels that match your skin tone, shoes like this can go with absolutely anything and offer a great alternative to the classic but at times overdone nude pump.

Try The Trend Tips
While lace up heels have been a date night staple for a while, it wasn’t until more recently that this sexy shoe trend got bumped into day wear as well. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to rock lace up heels during the day.

Pair your lace up heels with cropped or cuffed jeans, this will ensure that the eye catching lace work on the shoes gets noticed instantly while keeping your look casual.

Lace up jungle inspired shoes have been all the rage this season, leopard, zebra and python are all super chic print options for this shoe. Pair your jungle themed lace up heels with your favorite denim or even relaxed fit day wear pajama pants for a unique, chic and comfy style.