Layering clothing has been around for years, weather in the Winter or Summer layering can be a trendy way to add a little extra warmth or a little extra color to your outfit. Unfortunately, layering can often lead to looking bulkier than you really are, and that is never flattering. The trick to layering is to add pieces the complement the overall look, not to just pile on different items at random. To help you master layering we have made a list of layering rules to help you look chic and stay warm this winter.

Mix Different Fabrics

Keep things interesting by mixing complementary patterns, textures and colors together.  Try pairing a button down white shirt with a black sequin cardigan.  Or you could also opt to wear stripes with solids, just to keep your look fresh and interesting. Just make sure that each item you choose to wear ties in or complements the rest of your outfit.

Pile on Thin Layers

Don’t add bulky clothing on top of bulky clothing. Always remember the thinnest garment should be worn closest to your skin.  Opt for lighter layers like fitted knits and a blouse undershirt.  If you’re really feeling a Winter chill you could layer on a body hugging thermal under your outfit, just in case you plan on spending a lot of time in the chilly outdoors. Plus you can always add a scarf for even more warmth and color.

Belt Your Layers

Belting is a great way to show off your waist in your layered looks.  Many times an hourglass shape can get lost in layers; the belt is a perfect way to define your waist and look trim.