Leather gloves make an extremely bold and brazen statement, which is probably why designers, celebrities and everyday fashionistas love them so much.  Leather gloves are of course functional in the winter time because they keep your hands nice and toasty, but they can also take an outfit to a whole new level of chicness.  Women have been wearing leather gloves as far back as 1592 when Queen Elizabeth I wore them frequently. Leather gloves can be edgy in black and darker shades but they can also have a more delicate appeal when worn in lighter colors.

If you want to wear leather gloves in a sweet and sophisticated way we recommend looking for a pair of wrist length leather gloves in black that are adorned with a simple bow.  This style of glove is perfect for a dressy occasion since the bow adds a little extra something to your accessory.  If you want to rock an edgy and chic pair of leather gloves we recommend a pair that are elbow length, we just love the way a pair of black long leather gloves can add a fun accent to an outfit. If you’re not a fan of elbow length gloves you can always opt for gloves that only reach your mid-forearm, these will make a slightly less dramatic statement.

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We hope you invest in a pair of fierce leather gloves for winter time because they can make a simple winter outfit look extraordinarily chic in an instant.

Try looking for gloves with more than one texture like leather and wool gloves or leather and velvet gloves. The change in texture will be a subtle yet playful addition to your look.

Look for gloves in all different colors, out favorites for winter are oxblood, plum, emerald and any metallic shades.