Ohhh what can we say about leopard print, it’s is truly one of the chicest trends now, and forever.  Its multi-seasonal, multi-functional and perfect for those days when your outfit craves some animal instinct. Leopard is one of those rare prints that complements everybody’s skin tone and looks great in both small and large quantities.  Throughout the year we have seen leopard print gowns, accessories and even hair ( a la Nicki Minaj). It is great to see this back print in the spotlight again. Most recently we have noticed little leopard touches like skinny belts, purses, scarves and even nails becoming more popular. The key to wearing leopard is making sure that, you wear the leopard print and the leopard print doesn’t wear you.

For an ultra-chic, casual look that in cooperates a hint of leopard, pair black leather skinny jeans with a denim button down shirt, then add a leopard skinny belt.  This look is a little edgy and a little sweet, making it perfect for date night.  Another great trend that we love right now is the combination of leopard and mint green. Try pairing black jeans with a mint green tank and a leopard blazer. This look is super chic, plus the leopard blazer adds a polished, yet animalistic vibe.

Try The Trend Tips

Leopard is the perfect go-to fabric for any time of the year, so here are a few tips to help you ensure you look great whenever you step out in leopard.

Less is more, of course a leopard dress looks great, but this year the trend is all about the little things. Sneaking a leopard print accessories in to your outfit is the way to go.

Look for colored leopard print, there are plenty of versions of leopard print done in fun colors like pink, red, blue as well as neutral tones like grey and beige.