Lilac is a lovely light shade of purple that embodies all the ethereal beauty that spring and summer have to offer. Along with being very popular in fashion this spring, lilac has made the seamless transition into beauty products. We have seen lilac eye shadow, lipstick and even blush at the most recent runway shows.  The best thing about the lilac make-up tend is that the  lilac hue flatters all skin and eye colors, which means that it should be pretty simple to find a shade of lilac the suits you particular skin type.  For ladies with cool toned skin we suggest going for a lilac color that has a hint of silver. For ladies with warm skin tones go for a deep lilac color and accent it with a little gold, the contrasting finish is absolutely stunning.  No matter what skin tone you have remember to steer clear of wearing lilac make-up that has pinkish undertones, this can make your eyes look tired and your skin look washed out.  Below you’ll find our two favorite ways to rock lilac make-up this year.

Lilac Eye Shadow

As far as lilac eye shadow is concerned we actually like the look of a full on lilac smokey eye look.  To get this look we suggest using traditional black smudged eyeliner on both your upper and lower lids. Then apply a light shade of lilac as a base to your entire upper lid, then use a blending brush to apply a darker shade of lilac working upward towards your eyebrow to get that dark to light look.


Lilac Lipstick

As far as lilac lipstick is concerned, the sky is really the limit. The only thing you’ll need to be careful of is not going for a color than is too light. If you opt for a super light shade of lilac you may get the dreaded frosted lip effect, which pretty much drains all the color from your face. When looking for lilac lipstick, go for deep rich tones that accent the color for your eyes.