The long sleeve mini dress is this year’s go to choice for cocktail parties, date night and outings with the girls.  Some of our favorite style icons like Kate moss, Brooklyn Decker, Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Kerry Washington have all recently been spotted donning flattering a fun long sleeve mini dresses.  The reason this trend works so well is because it’s the perfect blend of sexy and sophisticated. The short skirt shows off the legs and makes them look longer and leaner while the long sleeves help balance the sexiness of the style and add a flattering elongation to the body’s silhouette.

For a boho chic and casual way to rock this trend we suggest opting for a flouncy and loose fitting mini dress with wide billowy sleeves. This type of dress is far more relaxed than the other super fitted versions of this trend commonly seen on the red carpet. The only thing you need to remember when opting for a loose fitting mini dress is to add a belt around the waist to help define your figure. For a more glitzy and glam version of this trend opt for a long sleeve mini that has a little embellishment, it can be a bold pattern of made even sheer lace sleeves, just something to give your ensemble a little extra wow factor.

Try The Trend Tips
The long sleeve mini trend is one that deserves a place in your wardrobe, to help you master this trend here are a few key tips.

When looking for a long sleeve mini dress we recommend looking for one with a deep V-neck or scalloped neck line, this will highlight your collarbones and face.

High heels are your best friend when it comes to this style, because part of the appeal of this trend is the way it elongates the look of the legs.  Go for over the knee boots with a high heel to keep your legs warm and looking lon. .