Marigold yellow is just the right hue of yellow for spring, summer, winter and fall. Its deeply saturated yet light and whimsical, this must be what designers are loving about this flower inspired color.  Designers like Jil Sander, Lanvin, Miu Miu and Bottega Veneta have been using shades of marigold, ranging from mustard to pastel, all over the fashion week runways. The thing that makes the color so attractive is that it is not a primary color, not neon or metallic, its bright and muted at the same time, making it unique and interesting to wear.

For a casual fall appropriate look that features marigold we suggest pairing an oversized marigold sweater with cropped jeans and jade tones heels. Oddly enough marigold and green complement each other very well and the cropped jeans will add a relaxed casual appeal to the ensemble. For a formal occasion we suggest a marigold maxi dress with a deep “v” neckline in the back. This look is dramatic and eye catching, yet bright and playful because of the bold shade of yellow, pair this dress with black accents and you’ll be looking dazzling in no time.

Try The Trend Tips

Marigold is such a versatile color for every season of the year. Here are a few tips to help you rock this latest color trend.

Try pairing marigold with leopard, it’s a great way to add a hint of edginess to an ensemble and the leopard print naturally works well with yellow hues.

Try pairing marigold with black leather accents; this is a great way to keep that rocker chic vibe while adding a brighter color to the style.

Investing in marigold accessories would be a great way to test out the color and make sure you like it. We suggest starting out with purses, shoes or scarves, these items are easy to work into any outfit so you can see if marigold looks good on you.