As far as hairstyles go the “messy” look is very in this year, and what better way to rock this style than in the form of a simple no muss no fuss ponytail. Celebrity Chicistas like Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Nicole Richie and Anna Kendrick all favor this hairstyle on both the red carpet and in daily life. The messy or undone ponytail creates a casual, textured and ethereal look that shows off the carefree, romantic and feminine side of your personality. One of the best things about this hairstyle is that there are so many variations and little add-ons that can make this look even more interesting.

For example you could opt to tease your  hair at the crown of your head before styling your hair into a ponytail, this will give your look a little added oomph.  To help you get the basics down you’ll find our three step guide to the super chic messy ponytail.

How To Style a Simple Messy Ponytail

 Step 1: Take damp towel dried hair and apply mousse to the ends and a little pomade to the roots. The mousse at the ends will help keep your hair from getting to poofy while the pomade will create texture near the roots without causing unsightly flyway’s.

Step 2: Now take your hair and loosely braided it, keep it braided while it dries, you can start your makeup in the meantime. Once your hair is dry undo the braid and gently break up the waves with your fingers.

Step 3:  Secure your hair into a ponytail and spritz with hairspray for long lasting flexible hold.