During the winter months we love icy yet decadent colors that emulate the glitz and glitter of falling snow. The pearly white of the snow, silver glitter of the stars and midnight blue back drop of a winter’s night inspire winter fashion color choices. Midnight blue has become a stand out color this winter; we are drawn to its royal and sophisticated qualities. Celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Beyoncé all favor the cool calming midnight blue hue.  The color complements most skin tones making it a versatile and fun color option for the cold weather months.

For a casual midnight blue day look we recommend pairing black leather pants with powder blue men’s button down shirt, finish off your look with a midnight blue blazer and white scarf.  This look is edgy, as well as, sophisticated and polished. Plus, in the winter months you’ll be grateful for the warmth of the leather pants and layers. For a more formal midnight blue look you could opt for a sexy yet lady like midnight blue lace dress with silver heels and accessories.  The sheer lace will add a bit of sex appeal while the sophisticated color with balance your ensemble.

Try The Trend Tips

Ready to slip into a midnight blue ensemble, well here are a few tips to help you rock the latest winter color trend.

Pair your midnight blue with gold accessories. Gold and blue are very complementary colors, so pairing your midnight blue with gold accents will look classy but still fresh and original. If you can find a blouse that had a midnight blue and gold pattern that is even better.

You can also pair midnight blue with other blue shades to create a play on the popular ombre look. Try mixing powder blue, navy blue and midnight blue for a fun color contrast.