One of the most daring and bold ways to dress these days involves mixing two totally different prints within the same outfit.  This trend offers literally hundreds if not thousands of different combinations, for example pairing polka dots and stripes or floral and paisley.  Part of what’s interesting about this trend is pairing two prints that clash into a unique, reckless, youthful and wacky ensemble.  We know that this trend may sound a little crazy, but mixing two prints can look stylish, fashionable and extremely chic when done properly.  The key to mastering this look is to make sure that both patterns in the outfit complement each other in some way, whether it is a theme color or similar fabric.

For a simple way to rock this look pair an item with large stripes with something that has a smaller more delicate pattern. For example pair a striped t-shirt with paisley print trousers, the tiny swirls in the paisley pattern will help to balance out the large bold stripes. If you’re looking to really make a statement with your different prints try pairing leopard with tartan. We know it sounds a little odd, but these prints actually go very well together and look ultra-chic. In fact leopard plays well with nearly any other print you can think of.

Try The Trend Tips

Mixing prints can be a tricky trend to master, but if your wear it properly you’ll be looking trendy and chic.

When first trying out this trend look for a dress that already has two complementary prints mixed together, this will take all the guess work out of the trend and make it easy for you test out the look and see if it’s right for you.

Add black to a mixed print outfit for a little balance, it’s helpful to add a solid color to the mix so that your prints will be anchored and you’ll avoid looking to busy.