Modern romantic fashion is effortless, chic and beautiful. But often times it’s hard to find the right pieces to build a foundation for a sexy and soft romantic style.  Lace, sheer details, gold hues and soft silhouettes all contribute to the aspects that make modern romantic fashion so entrancing.   As of recent we have seen two fairly distinct interpretations of the modern romantic trend. The first involves neutral tones, floral patterns and an overall ethereal quality. The other variation of modern romance is strikingly different; it’s more about dark tones and a sense of Gothic beauty. Both types of modern romantic fashion are absolutely beautiful and deserve a place in your wardrobe no matter what time of year it is.

For a light and bright romantic look go for a chiffon dress with a muted floral pattern. Style you hair in beachy waves and consider accessories that have natural touches like a navel length feather pendent. This look is soft and sweet making it perfect for a romantic picnic or just walking on a beautiful spring day. If you find you favor the dark dramatic take on romantic fashion think of pairing a pleated black maxi skirt with a shimmery, silky maroon top. The colors in this look are rich and lux while the textures still convey a sense of innocence and romance.

Try The Trend Tips

Romance fashion is more than just cute and sweet, its passionate and luxurious as well, which is why we highly encourage trying out this trend for yourself.

This trend can get frumpy fast so avoid doily like patterns and be sure that the pieces you’re wearing don’t drown your figure; you still want to be able to subtly flaunt your curves.

Remember to look for pieces that have movement, avoid stiff fabric or masculine silhouettes.