Does an outfit that involves pairing two items of the same color scare you? If it does you’re not alone, many women think of it as a fashion don’t. However this year it seems that designers and celebrities are testing this fashion rule by pairing similarly colored items together in trendy and chic new ways.  Designers like Ferragamo, Brian Reyes and Isaac Mizrahi all shows monochromatic looks in bold shades like orange, green and even purple on the runway. Celebrities like Jordan Sparks, Zoe Saldana and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been spotted rocking monochromatic looks on the red carpet and looked super fashionable while doing so.

When creating a monochromatic look it’s important to remember that the colors don’t have to match exactly, you can pair different shades of the same color together. For example olive green and lime green would make a great fall outfit while lavender and plum would look lovely together in spring time.  For an easy way to introduce yourself to this trend we suggest looking for a dress that has two shades of the same color, this way you’ll be able to tell if you like how the monochromatic style looks on you.  Once you have established that you can rock the trend, go for bolder items like pairing a maxi skirt and blazer that are both in different shades of the same bright hue, like pink or yellow.

Try The Trend Tips

We hope you are ready to give the monochromatic look a try this season, and to help you master the trend here are a few key tips.

Mix up the fabric of your outfit, since the colors are going to be so  similar its important to play around with different fabrics. Pair leather with velvet, or chiffon with lace, anything to create an interesting contrast within your ensemble.

Keep your accessories neutral, no need to add matching shoes or a purse to the mix. We suggest keeping all accessories within a neutral color scheme of nude, silver, white or black.