Since the natural lighting in wintertime is grayer than at any other time in the year, it is important to switch up your make colors when the cold weather months arrive.  During summer and spring bright, light and warm colors tend to be more popular. Whereas in winter time icy hues that mimic the glittering of snowfall take center stage.  This year we have noticed a few gorgeous stand out colors that have become very popular for winter and we recommend you work them into your daily beauty routine.


This light shade of purple is perfect for winter because it has a frosty quality about it, while still maintaining a little brightness. We love the look for lavender eye liner, mascara or eye shadow, especially for ladies with brown eyes, since brown and purple complement each other so beautifully.  You could even opt for a lipstick that has hints of lavender in it, or perhaps a blush with a rosy lavender hue.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a great color for winter because it adds a little bit of warmth and glow to your skin. Our favorite way to wear it is in the form of blush, applied lightly on the apples of the cheeks, this will cause your skin to shimmer as it catches the light. Rose gold eye shadow is also another favorite of ours and it look particularly stunning on ladies with olive or deep tan skin tones.

Light Grey

During winter we suggest using light gray eye shadow and eye liner to create a sultry winter smoky eye.  This variation of the traditional smokey eye look is perfect for a winter date, because it will draw attention to your mysterious and entrancing looking eyes.